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Shallow talk on Mass Information

In the past two years the subject of Big Data has been raised more often. Both in the academic world and the business world, Big Data seems to have become the next battleground. Under going a scouring by the technology industry, will it retain its shine after? Or, will it become just another illusion in the technology dustbin......
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Discussion on core platform for Big Data

Big Data means huge amounts of data or massive amounts of data. This is just the literal meaning, but looking deeper, we see that Big Data is making big waves in the global information and technology world. According to Gartner's definition, "Huge amounts of data are a type of information having volume, variety and velocity and a new data processing method to help decision......
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Opening source code is the main trend

Just a few years ago, it was open to debate if open source would be the future. what particularly impressive the public is that Microsoft's former CEO, Steve Ballmer, described opening source as cancer, and what’s more Microsoft's founder, Bill Gates, criticized that Linux liked students playing a game, and meanwhile for the commercial market was not mature......
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Shallow talk on NoSQL database -Redis

With the development of the Internet, we have changed from one server to multiple servers. When starting to establish data backups, we need to add a buffer layer to adjust the queries and add more hardware. Finally, we need to split the data across multiple clusters, and reconstruct a large number of application logic to adapt to this resulting segmentation. Soon after......
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Application's Introduction of JDK8's Lambda Syntax with Map

Oracle's JDK 8 added many new features and improved performance. This paper describes some simple methods of Lambda syntax with Map, making program code more streamlined and easy to read......
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Preliminary Study of JavaScript React Library

Today, developers often use convenient template language tools like asp.net when developing Web applications. Due to the great importance attached to the user experience, the design of user interfaces has become more complex......
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Application and Development of IoT in the Mobile Broadband Era (1st)

Now is really the Mobile Broadband Era because in part of the Mobile Internet's move to the mainstream in the past few years. Domestically this is based on WCDMA and HSDPA, and this like. It's what we 3G wireless Internet mode with the accessible down-link bandwidth having a theoretical value range from 2 to 10Mbps based on physical theory. The rate will of course in practical applications be much lower due to various factors......
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Discuss the Application and Development of IoT in the Mobile Broadband Era (2nd)

As the former paper mentioned, the possible evolution of a Software-Defined Data Center is as a back-end infrastructure for the IT resource applications. As to usage of the Internet of things, in mobile broadband, it is just a matter of reducing cost and complexity, and responding efficiency to ways for improving infrastructure according to IT and business requirements. In addition, the maturity and development......
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