Support Platform Matrix

DBMaker’s extensive cross-platform support and a unique open architecture supports continued growth to meet users’ needs. The DBMaker support the following platforms:

【1】5.3.0 require Linux 32bit and x86_64bit (glibc 2.3), and from 5.3.1 require x86_64bit (glibc 2.7)
【2】5.4.x require Linux 32bit (glibc 2.3) and x86_64bit (glibc 2.7)


You can get glibc version with following command (maybe different for some Linux).
        >ldd –version or >rpm -qi glibc or >rpm -qa | grep glibc

YES- means support with full QA testing

NO” - means not support

O - means support in theory, QA testing by request