About Us

The industry-standard open architecture ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) is native and fully integrated into the heart of DBMaker. With the vast majority of databases supporting this standard interface, regardless of their origins, most databases and applications are easily connected to DBMaker. This open standards approach helps protect your original enterprise investments. DBMaker's native ODBC means extra levels of translation are unnecessary giving your linked databases the highest efficiency possible. In this way DBMaker provides you with a fast, stable, and open environment. Moreover, the DBMaker JDBC Driver enables database access for Java applications and applets.

Now, DBMaker business applications are more flexible, more connected, and more platform adaptable. Additionally, our COBOL interface (DCI) provides programmers with modern and secure database technology that does not require translating critical COBOL operations like WRITE, REWRITE, DELETE, and READ into SQL syntax. Stop rewriting your COBOL applications and start saving time and money with DCI.