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Four Syscom Products Win Big in the "2023 Taiwan Excellence Award”

For over 50 years, Syscom computer has served our client’s needs and invested heavily in research and development of our own products providing the very best value services in the market. Recently Syscom's "Intelligent Service Robot Ayuda" and "NETCenter IT Infra Network Monitoring Management Center” have gained international recognition and praise. Moreover, four products, including Intelligent Service Robot Ayuda, NETCenter IT Infra Network Monitoring Management Center, DBMaker Database System, and OMFLOW Enterprise Process Engine, won the recognition of the 2023 Taiwan Excellence Award.

Syscom's "Intelligent Service Robot Ayuda", already a Silver Award winner of the Taiwan Excellence Award, again won this year’s "Taiwan Excellence Award" with its enhanced epidemic prevention functions. Ayuda measures and records body temperature, face mask detection, and arrival time as employees walk past it. All this helps organizations meet epidemic prevention best practices. What’s more, these contactless services reduce infection risks for everybody. Ayuda reduces or eliminates certain personnel requirements in many environments such as police offices, medical care facilities, retail, banks and schools. Ayuda is one of our popular exports to Japan.

Product contact person: Mr. Zhang
TEL: (02)2191-6066 ext. 8028

The core concept of use of "NETCenter IT Infra Network Monitoring Management Center" is " comprehensive mastery of digital technology information" and "one set covers all functions, all requirements are covered by one set", which extends the field of monitoring to the virtualized integration environment, showing strong management characteristics and product performance, and optimizing the user experience. It becomes the most intelligent monitoring and management platform to users' actual needs and makes it easier and simpler for enterprises to manage the IT architecture in all domains. Therefore, it once again wins the Taiwan Excellence Award in 2023.

Product contact person: Miss Hsieh
TEL: (02)21916066 ext. 8870

"DBMaker Database Management System" supports flexible Multiple Level Dynamic Column and JSON PATH, making dynamic column have richer levels, more flexible data access, and more convenient management to respond to the needs of the trend. Additionally, DBMaker provides Aggregate Function to obtain standard deviation and variance between the population and the sample from the Big Data to calculate the covariations and related values for assisting further statistics analysis of the Big Data.

Product contact person: Mr. Lian
TEL: (02)2191-6066 ext. 8282

"OMFLOW Enterprise Process Engine” wins a Taiwan Excellence Award for the first time. This software tool is developed for today's digital integration transformation and can effectively strengthen enterprise efficiency. OMFLOW improves enterprise administrative processes and systems. No longer are administrative processes on MIS systems requiring a lot of time to develop and process — let OMFLOW's WYSIWYG work for you. The process engine quickly cooperates with traditional enterprises to carry out digital transformation of organizations. In the era of digital transformation with rapid response needs, OMFLOW does more than agile response. It also strengthens the adaptability of enterprises, greatly improves efficiency, and is an excellent tool to assist enterprises in "net zero carbon emissions" and "environmental sustainability".

Product contact: Miss Lin
TEL: (02)2191-6066 ext. 8532

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