Case Study

INTERON, evolving a success story!

Starting in the 70’s, INTERON is a company that always fulfills the mission of innovative and evolving applications. INTERON is synonymous of history and successful project, proven by the customers, partners and collaborators.
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INTERON holds the lecture "COBOL, why not?" at the Farroupilha Federal Institute

From May 23 to 26, 2017, there was an Academic Week at the Farroupilha Federal Institute - Panambi Campus. The INTERON was inveted to do a lecture, closing the week of presentations. With the presence of approximately 160 person, the lecture "COBOL, why not?" it caused an impact on the public, which interacted a lot with questions...... Read More




INTERON holds the lecture "COBOL, why not?" at the Mackenzie Presbyterian University

On May 23, INTERON held a lecture "COBOL, why not?" at Mackenzie Presbyterian University, in the WWT'17 - IX Technological Trends Workshop....... Read More







A market view of language that moves 200 times more transactions than access to surveys carried out by search engines on the Internet. A language that is consolidated by combining its stability with what is most in the IT world, such as the DBMaker database, and especially with many opportunities...... Read More





Acrilex evolves business applications for the new isCOBOL platform

The Acrilex is a Brazilian company, the largest factory of artistic and decorative paints in Latin America, produces more than 13,000 tons of paint, in addition to other products that are currently about 3,000 items, sold in more than 10 thousand points of sale in Brazil, and also exported to 35 countries......
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Cotripal celebrates its new COBOL environment with DBMaker SQL

The Agricultural Cooperative Cotripal provides grain to Brazil and abroad, as well as products and services to the regions where it operates, playing an important role for the sector in Brazil. In the mid-90's COTRIPAL elected ACUCOBOL-GT to modernize their COBOL applications aiming to support the company's growth and ensure the continuity of applications......
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Cooperativa A1 deploys database solution DBMaker SQL and gain agility and greater performance

The Cooperativa A1, an agricultural cooperative located in Palmitos – Santa Catarina (Brazil), is the oldest cooperative of the agricultural segment in the state. With 78 years of existence......
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