DBMaker - Services


Product service policy and lifecycle


(*) The Produce Lifecycle
     Full + Assistant + Extend = 10 years

(*) Support Types
(A) Full Support
– The first 1~2 years after one major version being released.
(B) Assistant Support - The 3~5th years after one major version being released.
(C) Extend Support - The 6~10th years after one major version being released, the source code had been frozen. Can only provide a few limited supports.
(D) Expired - Can provide Extend Support if the customers pay for the fee.

(*) Service Items
(1) Fix any failure, provide the patch
– If the failure can be fixed in DB side, we will provide the patch after fixing.
(2) Service pack – We will regularly release some minor versions for the major versions, which include some bug fixing. And even include enhancement or some new features, for example: 5.2.3 or 5.3.2.
(3) Patch preview – Fix some issues based on the latest source code for one major version, which is similar with the old Express fix version, but the minor version NO is new one.
For example: Express fix version bases on 5.3.2 version will be built as 5.3.3.
(4) Support new OS or Other Produces – In order to support new OS or some third-party software, we only modify the Full support versions if something need fixing in DB side.
(5) Accept the clients’ technical question – The customer can ask us any Support Technical questions related with our Database.

⑤ But for Extend (Limited) support, if the issues involve investigating or tracing source code for the related binary versions by Development Team, and cannot get our replye.

(6) Consultation Service Level – If the issues need to be investigated by the development Team, These priority rules will be taken by the Team members as a guideline.
(7) Provide workaround, or provide patch – We will try to find some workarounds for the customers, or provide the fixed patch if existed.

⑦ But for Extend (Limited) support, all the workarounds must be based on the current existed version. If the issues are same as some past cases which had been fixed, we can provide the existed binary patch. And we cannot build any new binary patch for any issue.
In addition, we will check if the problems exist in the latest versions which in Full and Assistant support, and we will fix these problems if exist. Then we can provide the new versions and migrate steps if the customers would like to upgrade to new versions.

(8) Provide migrate methods for upgrading – If the customers need to upgrade the new version, we can support.

Lifecycle of all current major versions

The designation and expected lifetime of all currently supported branches are given below. The Expected EoL (end-of-life) column indicates the earliest date on which support for that branch or release will end.

Lifecycle of all minor versions