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Good news! Syscom's Relational Database Engine-DBMaker Wins the 2017 Taiwan Product Excellence Award

[2017/1/5] Syscom's cloud application product won the 2014 and 2015 Taiwan Product Excellence Award and in 2017 DBMaker wins. This year, DBMaker won is part due to its structured data storage models for existing COBOL users. Sponsored by the International Trade Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and hosted by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council, products are evaluated based on four aspects, R&D, quality, package design, and marketing, in order to highlight the value of products made in Taiwan. DBMaker is the first domestic database brand to reach the global market. DBMaker has accumulated a strong user base and continues to do well in international markets. In addition to the 2014 and 2015 Taiwan Excellence Award wins, this year DBMaker joins the Taiwan Excellence Award winner's circle.

DBMaker has been committed to technological innovation, and actively developing its structured data storage models for existing COBOL user. User don't need to learn new technology, yet can integrate their existing system data into DBMaker using its COBOL API 2016 function, plus many additional tools together provide flexible integration resulting in powerful databases. Data migration from legacy systems to DBMaker is both efficient and easy.

Product Contact: Mr. Chou
Telephone: (02) 2191-6066 Extension 8899