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SYSCOM DBMaker CloudDB Wins the "2015 Taiwan Excellence Award"

[December 30, 2014]

[2014/12/30] Taipei — DBMaker is the first database fully designed and developed domestically in Taiwan. In 2013, DBMaker 5.2 was named winner of the Taiwan Excellence Award. Next in 2014 and now in 2015 is DBMaker CloudDB, with more "Taiwan Excellence Awards" for SYSCOM.

The award-winning DBMaker CloudDB just completed in July 2014 and named "DBMaker CloudDB 2015 Edition," has been evaluated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs using their most strict function tests and was invited to be included in the Taipei Information Month exhibition as part of the Taiwan government pavilion's "Cloud Development and Testing Platform" area. This is another great honor to receive the "2015 Taiwan Excellence Award."

DBMaker development began over 20 years ago. Version 2 was released, followed then by versions 3, 4 and 5. Now, today we are proud to be shipping the best DBMaker ever and even more excited to introduce the newest member of the DBMaker family — DBMaker CloudDB. Our customers, worldwide in Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, USA, Brazil, Italy and many more are already using CloudDB.

SYSCOM established its first research and development center in the domestic IT services industry in 2005. DBMaker's core relational database engine continues to be developed here and is a vital product showing the company's determination for continuous product development.

DBMaker was re-nominated to the "Taiwan Excellence Award," with development standards at the highest international levels under the SEI CMMI ML5 certification software quality standard. With a reputation of quality, DBMaker is now imbedded in countless systems throughout the world. DBMaker remains the jewel of Taiwan's IT industry.

DBMaker CloudDB is architected by our R&D team using the same world-standard CMMI ML5 quality methodology as previous DBMaker released. In August 2012, the Ministry of Economic Affairs awarded development funds to SYSCOM resulting in the release of version 5.3 in February 2013 and later the relational cloud database DBMaker CloudDB 2014 was released in July. These new releases defined SYSCOM's new CloudDB service platform — Database as a Service — moving DBMaker's functionality to the cloud through our patented CloudODBC. In the tradition of DBMaker's ease-of-use, CloudDB customers don't need to understand the backend mechanics.

Since CloudDB's 2014 introduction, we've worked hard to bring even more power to CloudDB in 2015. To strengthen it, we now support up to 256PB databases. Inside CloudDB, your Big Data is right at home and protected from hackers. Moreover, there's no need to invest in costly DBA training — the SYSCOM DBMaker CloudDB Group provides cloud consulting services. SYSCOM’s innovative Cloud ODBC (Cloud Open Database Connectivity) makes deploying your cloud databases quick and easy with minimal training.

SYSCOM DBMaker CloudDB Delivers:

  • Enterprise development cost savings; simply register to use CloudDB then begin developing database systems using DBMaker's powerful features
  • Expensive database licenses and subsequent maintenance and upgrade costs are not necessary with DBMaker CloudDB
  • Perform system development 24 hours without service interruption or taking databases offline
  • No need to invest in costly DBA training — SYSCOM DBMaker CloudDB Group provides cloud consulting services

SYSCOM constantly pursuits a course of innovation that keeps us ahead of our competitors and in the case of DBMaker CloudDB development, we've been awarded the prestigious Taiwan Excellence Award for 2015. Experience our most powerful DBMaker yet — please contact us for a DBMaker CloudDB demonstration and free trial.

DBMaker Product Contact: Mr. Eric Lee
Phone: +886 (02) 2191-6066 x8066