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Author/Zeng Yahui      [Issue Date: 2016/3/4]

One of the hotly discussed topics in the information industry currently is none other than “Big Data”. Big data applications that have emerged in recent years provide new solutions to problems and this causing large companies and academic institutions to come in droves as they scramble to construct big data platforms and other big data technologies. In the beginning, the industry designed HDFS, a distributed file system, and used MapReduce calculations in a cluster architecture. Values are passed through Key-Value to summarize answers to the given questions. In this way, the problem of large data calculations was solved, however, as the amount of data continues to grow, , another problem has arisen that these traditional database cannot handle. To solve the problem of database extensibility and maintenance, a kind of non-relational database, known as NoSQL, has emerged.

Although NoSQL databases are provide good extensibility and flexibility, they do have shortcomings. Given the lack of SQL, NoSQL databases don't have a series of characters used to construct highly structured queries found in relational databases ,. Other problems include lack of ACID operations. To meet industry needs , NewSQL was put forward to as a solution for databases with high extensibility and performance. This new kind of database is not only able to store and manage big data like NoSQL databases but also provides a structured query capability like traditional databases, such as ACID and SQL. NewSQL databases are a big trend for databases of the future.

In keeping with the trend now and in the future of big data databases, after having been honored with the Taiwan Excellence Award in 2014 and 2015, DBMaker is actively transitioning to support the functions of big data databases, including a big data database service platform,distributed data storage cluster architecture, intelligent big data index, etc., and gradually meet big data's demands upon storage and management., Eventually DBMaker will become the leader of the new generation of NewSQL databases. In the future, DBMaker will not only be able to integrate big data service providers and provide solutions to distributed data storage and management making it easier for enterprises to manage and gather big data, but it will also reduce the complexity of learning and using different suites when NoSQL data are archived and accessed, making it possible to conveniently access data without modifying the source program and thereby improving the enterprises' efficiency. DBMaker has become one of the most popular database products in the domestic and foreign markets.

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