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An Intelligent Community System

Author/Su Binglun      [Issue Date: 2015/8/5]


With the progress of information technology, our traditional communities are gradually developing towards intelligent communities. A new trend in community management, the intelligence community, provides many automatic community services primarially through cloud services. These services are giving residents a safer and more comfortable living environment. "Intelligent community management systems" using a multi-language system interface, primarially integrate access control equipment and background systems constructing an integrated intelligent community control system in accordance with community management norms. The community administrator can remotely set contact names and emergency contacts for each household and make announces to residents for improving community service efficiency and in this way reducing paper waste.

The Intelligence management system is a web-based Microsoft Silverlight solution. Community managers may use computers, mobile phones or tablets to manage the entire community. The server host responses to requests from the intelligent management system using Web Service technology to receive requirements and send back responses at any time. In addition, in order to respond to requests send by various equipment, the system uses the extended markup language XML to implement interaction between all kinds of equipment and the server host.

What is Microsoft Silverlight?

Silverlight is a solution developed by Microsoft for the development of front-end application programs. Silverlight supports browsers including Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, and Safari. It also supports hand-held devices, like Windows Mobile for example. Developing web sites with Silverlight has the following advantages.

1. Silverlight uses the XAML language making the development language consistent and greatly reducing development cost and development time.

2. Silverlight is compatible with a large number of existing technologies including ASP.NET, AJAX, and .NET 3.0. This allows developers to rapidly develop web pages in accordance with the existing development tools or tools provided by Microsoft.

3. Silverlight uses new Windows Media technology. Report transmission, video streaming, and graphic rendering are50% faster than traditional speeds. When these next generation technologies are used, delays in transmission flow are further decrease.

4. Programmers and art designers are often inseparable when considering web design. However, providing an improved integration model, Silverlight allows programmers and art designers to work independently and then easily integrate their respective programming and art work.

What is Web Service and XML?

Web Service is a server-side service-oriented technology. Unlike traditional Service, Web Service passively waits on the server for requests then returns responses. This is in contrast to actively sending requests. Web services transmit XML on the basis of the SOAP protocol for supporting interactions among various machines on the network. XML (extended markup language) tags symbols understood by the computer. As long as the Client and Server have mutually defined content, they can communicate with each other for different needs, such as information transmission or remote control. there is no need for the server host to use different languagest for different devices. The following illustration shows how to transfer messages by XML between devices and the server host. When the XML is received, a device displays content in a sequence according to each XML Tag.

Intelligent Community Management System Features

At any time a community administrator can remotely manage their subsystem over the Internet and using computers, mobile phones and tablets. Remote management capabilities include parking management system, entrance guard system, community message sending, elevator management, and lighting management.

1. Every household is equipped with fire and gas detectors. When an abnormal alarm occurs in the community, the community administrator receives a real-time report from the system, improving resource efficiency, to achieve an intelligent housing environment with security and convenient management where disasters are quickly handled by personnel.

2. The databases used to storage related community information and include an information database, operation log database, and error messages database. Information is displayed as a list and the community administrator can, at any time, query any announcement according to conditions. The database provides a variety of filters and supports exporting data for report generating. The administrator can freely set schedules to regularly back up the database with either a full backup or a differential backup to ensure that the users' important data are not lost.

3. Better scalability and integration. The community administrator manages the community, be it a single structure or multiple buildings, using a plot diagram, such as a hall, floor, residence, and carries with them comprehensive monitoring capabilities provided by integration with other related systems. The intelligent community management system record access at each entrance and exit giving administrators convenient query capability.

4. Provide digital report management for facilities. Includes daily usage of equipment and maintenance frequency. Daily use, maintenance and updates are displayed in a chart to make management convenient. This system also intreages elevator systems, drainage systems, power supply systems and monitoring systems and puts them together on the unified intelligent community management platform, to make it convenient for users to monitor fault conditions or control operations.

5. Provide management of the primary building structure, including: construction type, distribution of community facilities, community structure, number of buildings, room numbers, household locations, registrants, property, damage, and more. Related information can be queried and is provided in a chart for managers. Report generation and export functions make recordkeeping convenient for managers and provide a useful resource for future reference.

Future development of intelligent community management system

In response to the growing trend toward intelligent communities, this management system is poised to leverage the following integration and expansion functions in future releases.

1. The intelligent community management system can be directly used in global villages or buildings, and users can use it to set up contact and fast contact plate, distribute information to the community, monitor alarms and security swip card records, and more. The foundation of the intelligent community is based on the system's links with a real-time video survelance system, a security alarm system, an emergency intercom system, a gas detection system, and a security notification system.

2. The intelligent community management system is especially suitable for new community bulidings and building reconstruction in the case of an older community. In addition, this system can handle consumers' online shopping because it is suitable for developing electronic commerce services within the community. Consumers can transact any financial business online via funds transfer and electronic payment, making it is possible for community residents to make purchases without leaving the community.

3. The communication network constructed for the intelligent community management system can provide future value added services, such as: community payment management, resident daily self-care management, disaster prevention messages management, home security monitoring management, mail and parcel management.

4. The intelligent community management system can integrate power, gas, air conditioning, lighting, video and more by expansion, making it possible for the administor to monitor all kinds of equipment states and other relevent information. The administor is empowered to make management decisions and then improve community security and comfort.

5. In the future, the intellent community can develop into a support management system for in-home elderly. Most elderly live in their homes or a senior assisted living building. In these environments, it's possible to monitor daily life of the elderly using a variety of sensors plus their children can work without worrying about them. Their well-being is cared for in the intellegent community.

6. Integrate various subsystems according to the characteristics of different communities, such as parking management, monitor management, access control systems, elevators management, remote meter reading for water and power, security patrols, and so on. Operators can manage all the subsystems through a control center via computer or mobile device.


In the past, to release an announcement in an old style community, an administrator must post it on a bulletin board. This doesn't guarantee that every household will see the notice of important information. Now through the intelligent community system, households learn about community activities and important information in real-time and more importantly the administor's work is reduced. Further, the community's security is strengthened with the integrating of various subsystems, such as the power supply system, the monitoring system, and the fire control system. Through the monitoring system, the security system and so on, in the event of a fire or gas leak, the administor can quickly inform residents and in real-time open escape doors from their central control room. This increases survival rates. If a stranger, not a resident of the community, intrudes into the community, the administrator also can quickly query the enterence and exit access records through the intelligent community system. Through the innovative service model, residents enjoys a new kind of intelligent service and meanwhile the management and the services integrate with each other. With the development of the intelligence community, it is possible to gradually achieve intelligent medical care with an intelligent city, proving residents with safe, fast intelligent services and then speeding up the development of the city and the construction of the community. In the future this kind of management mode also can used in hospitals, senior assisted living or home care. Based on intelligent medical sensing equipment, we construct a medical system linking and communicating with each other, making personal medical information can be made full use of in the community and hospitals. With big data, cloud computing, RFID and other related technologies, we accelerate the development of industry, construct the intelligent environment of the community, promot the progress of society and makeresidence work and life more convenient and comfortable.

This article is from RUN! PC July 23, 2015