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Greet 2020 IT New Era

The popularity of using the network, the start of cloud services, the model of selling things by using virtual platforms has changed existing business models. Big Data is omnipresent and is changing purchases, service and transactions. The role of science and technology has changed from responding to leading based on market demand......
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The Internet of Things and Smart City Development

Recent news about "smart cities," includes the White House's new 5 billion NT$ "smart city" strategy that includes 60 urban centers set to launch in 2016. Starting the "smart city" development plan with a considrable investment of more than $160 million (about 5 billion NT$) is just part of America's "smart city" strategy......
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New Generation Storage Devices - Nimble Storage

Nimble Storage is a new generation of storage devices, which is different from the concept of traditional hybrid storage. It specialises in providing smart flash storage solutions for the enterprise. Whether in the virtual data center or in a cloud architecture, it comprehensively meets the application efficiency and capacity requirements demanded by enterprises......
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ASP.NET MVC5 Web Development Framework

Microsoft proposed the Web development concept named ASP.NET Web Form, which caused a web development revolution. Gradually it became the industry mainstream. Now Code Behind has replaced the previous Web development framework......
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An Intelligent Community System

With the progress of information technology, our traditional communities are gradually developing towards intelligent communities. A new trend in community management, the intelligence community, provides many automatic community services primarially through cloud services. These services are giving residents a safer and more comfortable living environment. "Intelligent community management systems" using a multi-language system interface......
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New Trend of Improving Software Quality: Evaluated from Improvement of Working Methods and Introduction of New Mechanisms

Quality control is the last line of defense guarding a product release, but its artifice is not just enabled during the final release phase (Delivery Phase or Release Phase). By only putting the missing "discovered" points (i.e., the position in which the quality control method is adopted) into the final relese phase we are sure to miss "discovered" points and thereby also missing efforts to maximize cost-effective investment......
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Productivity 4.0 Connecting Global Intelligence Opportunities ─ A Connected Future

As global manufacturing OEMs are faced with the trend of ever meager profits, at home the Taiwanese manufacturing industry is no longer guaranteed its position in the marketplace. Industrial gross profit, multivariate customization mass production service, intelligent manufacturing, and other issues are affecting global ICT industrial environment and the threat is irreversible......
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A Look at the Internet of Things and AI Development from Productivity 4.0

In recent years, with the rapid development of networks, the omnipresence of technology devices and now sensors are slowly entering our daily lives. For these reasons the Internet of Things is ever increasing in popularity, but there are more factors influencing its rise. In tandem with cloud computing virtualization technology and the rise of the Service-oriented business model......
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